New Wine Costs Roughly 8 Years Worth of Unemployment Benefits

And that’s before taxes.  And also if you can figure out how to stay on unemployment for 8 years.  This “2004 Block 42” Cabernet Sauvignon from the Australian Penfolds vineyard goes for a reasonable $168,000 per bottle.  Except that bottle isn’t really the right word.  Check out to see a picture of this thing that looks like a hypodermic needle and a fancy Brookstone pen had a baby.  Penfolds intended this to be more of an art piece than … Continue reading

The Jersey Pour?

Many readers will know of (if not remember) the Judgement of Paris – the 1976 blind tasting where California wines famously beat French wines, giving birth to nothing short of a wine industrial complex here in California. Little did the wine world know that a far more shocking revelation was to come, a mere…36 years later. Whew – math! I still got it.

On June 8, 2012, nine international wine experts got together for The Judgement of Princeton. That’s right, … Continue reading

Why Drink Cheap Wine?

We all know the French like their wine…but did you know that the average French wine drinker pays only 3 Euros for a bottle of wine? The average German spends only 1.77 Euros per bottle.

Europeans have been drinking wine since Ancient Greece and they seem to know what we don’t — you shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant prices for a decent glass of wine.

Most of you have heard of Ernest Gallo — or if not of him, then … Continue reading

An Introduction…

This website started as a personal way to bridge our deep love of drinking wine with our very shallow pockets. We were frustrated with so-called “budget” wine lists that consistently discussed only $10-$15 bottles, with nothing for the truly budget conscious.  $11.50 is special occasion territory for us, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and figure out which legitimately inexpensive bottles are also drinkable.

While you will occasionally find us sipping Two Buck Chuck (not our … Continue reading

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