An Introduction…

This website started as a personal way to bridge our deep love of drinking wine with our very shallow pockets. We were frustrated with so-called “budget” wine lists that consistently discussed only $10-$15 bottles, with nothing for the truly budget conscious.  $11.50 is special occasion territory for us, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and figure out which legitimately inexpensive bottles are also drinkable.

While you will occasionally find us sipping Two Buck Chuck (not our finest moments, to be sure), we manage to find plenty of cheap wine that also tastes great. It’s not a unicorn.  It does exist. Does it express the complex terroir of…oh, who cares?

The truth is, we don’t believe you need to be a connoisseur to taste wine, and we don’t think you need to be rich to know what you like.  And if you are rich, all the better — aren’t there other things you’d like to spend money on besides a $600 Cabernet? Like buying a couple Cheap Wine Girls some flights to Cabo?

We live in Los Angeles, and when we’re not drinking wine, we’re writing. Which pretty much means we’re drinking wine all the time, because… know how writers are. For those of you living in or visiting LA, we will occasionally cover wine events or review wine bars here in town. If you have any city-specific tips from elsewhere in the country, we’d love to hear them!

We’re also considering making our own wine – so if you have any tips, drop us a line…

Wine isn’t about being fancy, and it shouldn’t be pretentious. We hope to be able to recommend a bottle or two that everyone can enjoy.  So settle in, pour yourself a generous glass, and come drink with us!  We can’t promise much — in fact, we can’t even promise we’ll stay on topic (we tend to wander off after a few glasses) — but we promise not to judge, and to always greet you with a Cheers!

alex & ali

We're just a couple of girls who enjoy fine long as it's under $10. Actually, we're kind of obsessed. Pour yourself a glass, and join us in our quest to find the best bottle of affordable vino. Cheers!

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