New Wine Costs Roughly 8 Years Worth of Unemployment Benefits

And that’s before taxes.  And also if you can figure out how to stay on unemployment for 8 years.  This “2004 Block 42” Cabernet Sauvignon from the Australian Penfolds vineyard goes for a reasonable $168,000 per bottle.  Except that bottle isn’t really the right word.  Check out to see a picture of this thing that looks like a hypodermic needle and a fancy Brookstone pen had a baby.  Penfolds intended this to be more of an art piece than a functional bottle of wine, so if and when you decided to you actually want to drink it, they’ll send you a winemaker armed with a special opening tool.  For that price, I feel like they should also throw in a cheese plate.  And maybe a Hawaiian vacation.

While I’m pretty sure, as in 100%, that we won’t be tasting this anytime soon, as in ever, I can’t help but be a little curious…  More here.

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