Wine Words: Finish

In our first episode, I had a little trouble with the word “finish” when used to describe an aspect of wine. Finish, in this context, doesn’t mean the end of the bottle (necessarily.) So what, exactly, does it mean?

Let’s find out.

Karen MacNeil defines finish as “the impression that a wine leaves in your mouth even after you have swallowed it.” That sounds…a little gross, actually. Basically, finish is the aftertaste.

MacNeil describes the best way to identify the finish, a technique she calls “Retro Nasal Breathing” — “Take a sip, hold the wine in your mouth, swirl it around, and swallow it, keeping your mouth closed.  With your mouth still closed, breathe out forcefully through your nose…Now notice the sensation.  If the wine has a long finish, you’ll still be able to taste and smell it even though you’ve swallowed.  If it has a short finish, you’ll sense very little, if any,  flavor or aromas.”

We’re going to try this ourselves…stay tuned!

Until then, tweet us and let us know what finish means to you.

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