Slightly Less Cheap Wine

Big story today hot off the cheap wine newswire.  Australian company Casella Wines, maker of supermarket favorite Yellow Tail, has announced plans to release a $10 wine by the end of next year.  Even though Yellow Tail is the biggest imported wine in the US of A, (65% of Australia’s total wine exports), last year saw a bit of a decline.  Casella is hoping their new wine will help to bring profit margins back up.  This new price point is roughly 50% higher than that of Yellow Tail, but yet still narrowly makes the Cheap Wine Girls budget limit of $10 and under.  We haven’t done a Yellow Tail on the show, but perhaps a blind taste comparison is in order once this “fancy”stuff is released?  Also, an added bonus would be if there was a koala bear on the label because, well, koala bears are super cute.

alex & ali

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