Wine Stains as Art?

How cool are these wine stain paintings?!

Artist Amelia Fais Harnas uses a batik-like technique to create these beautiful portraits with red wine, instead of paint or ink. And, in true Cheap Wine Girl fashion, she drinks as she works…and we found at least one of her favorite wines under $10 (Damiani’s Vino Rosso, in case you’re wondering.)


If you want a wine stain portrait of your own, they are available to buy at – $18Continue reading

Episode 4: A Gruner Veltliner for every occasion

It’s still about a billion degrees here in LA, and at least one of us cheap wine girls (um, that would be me…) doesn’t have air conditioning…which is why this week, we bring you another cool & crisp white wine. This time, we pre-selected one we already love, and we hope you love it, too!

Happy Drinking!… Continue reading

Episode 3: How bad can it be?

Things keep getting worse for us here at Cheap Wine Girls, which is not so surprising considering the price tags of the wine we’re considering, but we hold out hope that one of these days, we’ll uncover that diamond in the rough. That needle in the haystack. That cheap wine that is actually a really great deal.

This, unfortunately, was not it. This is a wine to celebrate abject failure. When you feel like punishing yourself after a job not … Continue reading

Sparkling Yellow Watermelon and Strawberry Sangria

I spent Labor Day weekend in the beautiful, but sweltering desert town of Palm Springs.  It was seriously so hot that even this lizard named Ted hung out on the driveway in the shade of our cars for a while before continuing on with whatever lizard stuff he was doing.

Triple degree heat called for cold and refreshing adult beverages, so I turned to this recipe because it looked pretty and sounded delicious.  I ended up making a few modifications … Continue reading

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