Sparkling Yellow Watermelon and Strawberry Sangria

I spent Labor Day weekend in the beautiful, but sweltering desert town of Palm Springs.  It was seriously so hot that even this lizard named Ted hung out on the driveway in the shade of our cars for a while before continuing on with whatever lizard stuff he was doing.

Triple degree heat called for cold and refreshing adult beverages, so I turned to this recipe because it looked pretty and sounded delicious.  I ended up making a few modifications based on what I had available and I think it was a solid 5 stars.  (Of course 5 out of I don’t know how many, but close to 5, because it was pretty good.)  The original recipe called for a bottle of Moscato and ¾ cups of dry white port, so I hit up the local Ralphs to see what I could find.  For the Moscato, I definitely hit the jackpot with this Flip Flop Wines Left Coast Moscato for $3.69 ($4.99 before my Ralphs Club discount).

Unfortunately, this Ralphs didn’t carry white port, but they did have white sherry.  My good friend Google told me that both port and sherry are fortified wines, meaning that brandy is added to them.  The differences are that A) port is from Portugal and sherry is from Spain and B) in the case of port, the brandy is added during the fermentation process, leaving leftover sugars and making it sweeter.  For sherry, it’s added after fermentation.

So it would be a little less sweet.  No problem, there are ways to fix that.  Like sugar.  I went for this Sheffield Dry White Sherry for $4.99 ($6.99 before the Ralphs discount).

Sharing a vacation property with 18 people meant that there were multiple watermelons purchased.  It is an obvious summer fruit, after all.  However, this riveting sangria story had another plot twist when the watermelon I grabbed and cut into was YELLOW.  Oops.  I decided to just roll with it.  Yellow drinks can be pretty too.

So I cubed the crap out of this thing and then added the Moscato, sherry, sliced lime, and sparkling water.  A taste test revealed what I had suspected: it wasn’t sweet enough.  After a quick survey of the kitchen, I added 1 tablespoon of simple syrup, some sliced strawberries, and more sparkling water because I like my sparkly to be SPARKLING.  Thus, Sparkling Yellow Watermelon and Strawberry Sangria was born.

It was like Nic Cage and Gone in 60 Seconds.

Sparkling Yellow Watermelon and Strawberry Sangria
(4-6 servings)

4 cups cubed yellow watermelon
1 750ml bottle chilled Moscato
¾ cups dry white sherry
1 lime sliced thin
Juice from ½ lime
10 sliced strawberries
1 tbsp simple syrup
4 cups sparkling water

Put all of the above in a pitcher and chill before serving over ice.  I ended up serving it after like 10 minutes because I wanted some asap.  But 20 minutes or more would probably be good, too.

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