Episode 3: How bad can it be?

Things keep getting worse for us here at Cheap Wine Girls, which is not so surprising considering the price tags of the wine we’re considering, but we hold out hope that one of these days, we’ll uncover that diamond in the rough. That needle in the haystack. That cheap wine that is actually a really great deal.

This, unfortunately, was not it. This is a wine to celebrate abject failure. When you feel like punishing yourself after a job not well done, this is your wine.

If you’re still not convinced, and really need to taste this bad apple for yourself…you can probably find it at a supermarket. It retails for $4.99, but we got it (with club card savings) for $2.99. So…Cheers?

alex & ali

We're just a couple of girls who enjoy fine wine...as long as it's under $10. Actually, we're kind of obsessed. Pour yourself a glass, and join us in our quest to find the best bottle of affordable vino. Cheers!

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