Episode: La Finca Malbec

This week, watch for our thoughts on a pretty fabulous $3.99 Malbec from Argentina that came highly recommended from our friend Karina. At this price point, expectations were low, and this bottle was a very pleasant surprise. We also had a little fun exploring the connection between where you’re looking and what you’re tasting when you sip a new wine.

If you’re looking for a full-bodied red to enjoy with this colder weather, but don’t want to spend too much … Continue reading

Episode: Wooden Valley Red Table Wine

We did something a little different this week.  A friend and former co-worker of mine had told me about a bottle of wine she had sitting at home.  It was given to her as a gift 3 years ago, but the less-than-high-quality looking label caused her to not be very inspired to drink it.  So we did!

Needless to say, table wine probably shouldn’t be “aged” three additional years, so the results weren’t all that surprising.  I think if we … Continue reading

Episode: Blue Fin Pinot Noir

In this episode, we taste a $3.99 Pinot Noir from Blue Fin Winery that we picked up at Trader Joe’s.  This bottle was one of the first recommendations we received from a friend and viewer and we’re excited to have been able to try it!

Even though it looks a lot like a bottle of cheap wine on the surface (short, stout, and sans nubbin), we found that it was very smooth and easy to drink.  Not that we … Continue reading

Episode: Quail Oak Cabernet

This week on Cheap Wine Girls, we taste a $2.21 California Cabernet that is surprisingly drinkable and makes us long for the sunny days of Summer which already seem far behind us. Summer? Cabernet? Does that sound like on odd mix to you? Well, watch the show and see what you think…

The wine we’re drinking in the episode is a Quail Oak Cabernet. It is from California, and that is literally all the information it gave us on the … Continue reading

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