Shaw Vineyard

We were super brave last night when we ventured out into the arctic 45 degree LA weather to go warm up at 55 Degree Wine, but we were really glad we did.  We had the opportunity to meet Steve Shaw, Jr. and taste the full lineup of wines that he produces with his father at Shaw Vineyard in The Finger Lakes region of New York.  Neither of us had ever tasted wine from this region, or knew a ton about it for that matter.  New York is actually the original wine growing region in the USA – European settlers planted grapes here starting in the 16th century, so take that, California.

We had some truly excellent wines and will definitely be looking out for more.  The Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer were our top picks of the night.  The Pinot was drier and less juicy than most Pinots we’ve had before (which we love) and the Gewürztraminer had these amazing sweet hints of melon, but not too sweet, and was super refreshing.   Right now, Shaw Vineyard’s wines can only be found in New York and online, but if you have the chance, we suggest you check them out.

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