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Big news here at Cheap Wine Girls. HUGE.

We got FREE WINE!!

Okay, calm down. Take a deep breath. That’s right, we have reached the pinnacle of wine blogger success, which is that at least one (actually, exactly one) winery has sent us their wine to review. Now, if Kathy Lee and Hoda invite us on their show, our lives will be complete.

We reviewed a couple bottles on our show, but wanted to give you guys our rundown on the whole line here.

Some quick background on the label:

The Seeker Wines is a new line of affordable wines sourced from all around the world. Instead of having one vineyard, they went out and found a bunch of different ones to source their grapes from. So, they’ve got a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a Chardonnay from California, a Malbec from Argentina…you get the point. All of the wineries they work with incorporate sustainability into their mandate, and The Seeker bottles are made from extra light glass, supposedly, although we couldn’t really tell the difference. We’re cheap wine drinkers, not glass experts.

You can find all of these wines for between $10-15 in stores. We know it’s stretching our price limit a little, but it was worth it.

In order of light to dark – which is how we’re told you’re supposed to drink them.


Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand, 2011)

When we first uncorked (unscrewed) this bottle, we were assaulted with a funky smell, not unlike a wet towel that’s been sitting in the washer for a little too long. But, as it sat there (and as we drank a little of it), the funkiness mellowed and we got a lot of passionfruit & citrus from it. Supposedly we were supposed to be getting red currant, but we did not, and we remain confused as to how a crisp white wine could possibly taste like red currant. It was noticeably better about ten minutes out of the fridge – a reminder not to serve your whites quite so cold – and had a nice tartness to it. Overall, a pretty crisp and refreshing white and very easy to drink once you get over the initial funkiness. That said, even for $10, it wasn’t a standout. We’d totally drink this again, but it’s not a go-to buy.


Chardonnay (California, 2010)

We’ve tasted a lot of Chardonnays recently that are so oaky we’ve worried about getting splinters in our mouths, so we were super excited to try this one which is unoaked – fermented in stainless steel tanks instead of barrels. Some of the wine underwent malolactic fermentation (more on this later – it deserves its own post) and wow was it noticeable – the wine was not oaky, but it was super buttery. A little too much for our taste, but the creaminess did make it “pretty damn drinkable.” We got a little pineapple and pear, but missed the “floral notes and richness” supposedly created by the blending in of  Gewurztraminer grapes with the Chardonnay grapes.  Still, it’s a pretty good Chardonnay, and we think a great value at this price point.


Pinot Noir (France, 2011) – Watch the Episode!

Something about French wine always feels fancy, and this Pinot was no different – even though the label is definitely American. That’s probably for the best though because “Vin de Pays du Puy de Dome” means nothing to us. Like the Chardonnay, this wine is unoaked, and it results in a Pinot Noir that is light and pleasantly fruit forward but missing some of the earthiness we really like in our red wines. It tastes a little like pink lipstick and raspberries – not necessarily a bad combination. We balked at their suggestion of serving this with BBQ though – the type of BBQ we know and love would totally demolish this wine.


Malbec (Argentina, 2010) – Watch the Episode!

This was by far our favorite of the wines. It was delicious, and made us very, very happy. Fruit forward and spicy, just like we like our reds. The tasting notes suggest juicy, black cherry flavors – and we agreed with that, and also thought it tasted a little like prunes – in a good way! It’s got nice tannins, and a good mouthfeel – thick but not “chewy” – the kind of wine that can handle heavy foods like steak, but doesn’t require them. We enjoyed drinking it by itself. If you see this on the shelves, buy it. You won’t regret it.


Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile, 2011)

This wine confused us. We decided to be fancy, and decant it properly, letting it sit for about ten minutes before we tore into it (maybe that wasn’t long enough.) We were quickly overwhelmed by the smell of buttered popcorn. Don’t ask us why, we’re just telling it like it is. Cross our hearts and swear…this wine smelled like buttered popcorn. And tasted buttery, too – thick and silky, almost like port without the sweetness. It was a strange experience. Not a bad one, just a very strange one. It was very drinkable – almost dangerously so – with definite notes of vanilla, toffee, and black cherry, but without the spice to balance that out. We did drink the whole bottle, but we felt a little weird about it.


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