Episode – The Seeker Rosé

As you definitely know by now, any day we get some free wine is a great day for the Cheap Wine Girls.  The people at The Seeker came through once again and sent us their full new lineup.  In this episode, we try out their new Rosé.   If SUPER CRISP is your thing, this is the wine for you.  Perfect for summertime, this wine makes us want to sit outside with some delicious food.  Check it out!

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Episode: Oreana Vineyards Smiley Face Syrah

This week, we open up a bottle you’ll recognize in stores by its huge yellow smiley face. It reminded us of Claire’s jewelry stores in the mall, and in order to keep the video short, we did have to cut out a full ten minutes of us talking about getting our ears pierced. I know…your loss. Clearly.

In any case, crack open a bottle of whatever you have on hand, and enjoy!



The details:

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Episode: Goats in Villages Chenin Blanc Viognier

We’re back with a refreshing wine, just in time for summer.  It was the goats on the label that originally attracted me to this bottle, and it turned out Alex had actually been to this vineyard and seen the goats in person!  We ended up really liking this one, but watch to hear about the interesting flavor we found in it.  Cheers!

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