Episode: Oreana Vineyards Smiley Face Syrah

This week, we open up a bottle you’ll recognize in stores by its huge yellow smiley face. It reminded us of Claire’s jewelry stores in the mall, and in order to keep the video short, we did have to cut out a full ten minutes of us talking about getting our ears pierced. I know…your loss. Clearly.

In any case, crack open a bottle of whatever you have on hand, and enjoy!



The details:

Oreana Winery’s “Project Happiness … Continue reading

Malibu Wines

This weekend was a big one for couples – a lot of people out and about celebrating Valentine’s Day and the long weekend. Which is why my boyfriend and I weren’t the only ones with the bright idea to bring a picnic out to Malibu Wines, an LA-based vineyard with a gorgeous outdoor picnic area and tasting room.

We were not the only ones with this idea…

Los Angeles is not known for local wines, but there are a few … Continue reading

The Seeker Wines

Big news here at Cheap Wine Girls. HUGE.

We got FREE WINE!!

Okay, calm down. Take a deep breath. That’s right, we have reached the pinnacle of wine blogger success, which is that at least one (actually, exactly one) winery has sent us their wine to review. Now, if Kathy Lee and Hoda invite us on their show, our lives will be complete.

We reviewed a couple bottles on our show, but wanted to give you guys our rundown on … Continue reading

Episode: The Seeker Malbec

This week, the second of our Seeker Wines episodes. We already tasted the Pinot Noir, now find out what we thought of the Malbec!

This Malbec is from the Andes Mountains in Argentina, and has been aged in French Oak for a year. You can feel good about yourself because the grapes are sustainably farmed, and the special lightweight glass is eco-friendly. And of course, you should always feel good about yourself because you’re drinking wine, and that’s kind of … Continue reading

New Episode! The Seeker Pinot Noir

Hey y’all! Trying out an adorable southern accent. Not working? Okay, fine.┬áHi guys.

Goal number one of our show has been accomplished! Free Wine. That’s right – we got sent wine to review, because we’re wine bloggers, and that’s how we do.

This week, we taste a pretty pink Pinot Noir from The Seeker Wines. This Pinot is from France, but they have a whole line of yummy (affordable) wines sourced from vineyards around the world. We are going … Continue reading

Holiday Special Episode: ChocoVine!

We hosted Thanksgiving this year, and as tradition dictated, there was enough turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green beans to absorb the many, many bottles of (cheap) wine that were consumed. Seriously, our recycling bin told a grim story the next morning.

By the time it was over, there was only one bottle standing — so we did what we had to.

If you’re in the mood for torture this holiday season, or want to passive-aggressively thrust this on your … Continue reading

Election Day Drink Specials

We love election day, because it always comes with a reason to drink. Celebration or drowning your sorrows…either way, the night calls for a glass (or five) of wine. In this case, democracy isn’t free – but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.

If you live in Los Angeles, here are a few places to check out tonight. Don’t forget to wear your “I Voted” sticker!

Bodega (Pasadena, Santa Monica) – 50% off bottles of red … Continue reading

Episode: La Finca Malbec

This week, watch for our thoughts on a pretty fabulous $3.99 Malbec from Argentina that came highly recommended from our friend Karina. At this price point, expectations were low, and this bottle was a very pleasant surprise. We also had a little fun exploring the connection between where you’re looking and what you’re tasting when you sip a new wine.

If you’re looking for a full-bodied red to enjoy with this colder weather, but don’t want to spend too much … Continue reading

Episode: Quail Oak Cabernet

This week on Cheap Wine Girls, we taste a $2.21 California Cabernet that is surprisingly drinkable and makes us long for the sunny days of Summer which already seem far behind us. Summer? Cabernet? Does that sound like on odd mix to you? Well, watch the show and see what you think…

The wine we’re drinking in the episode is a Quail Oak Cabernet. It is from California, and that is literally all the information it gave us on the … Continue reading

Wine Stains as Art?

How cool are these wine stain paintings?!

Artist Amelia Fais Harnas uses a batik-like technique to create these beautiful portraits with red wine, instead of paint or ink. And, in true Cheap Wine Girl fashion, she drinks as she works…and we found at least one of her favorite wines under $10 (Damiani’s Vino Rosso, in case you’re wondering.)


If you want a wine stain portrait of your own, they are available to buy at Society6.com – $18Continue reading

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