Episode: Blue Fin Pinot Noir

In this episode, we taste a $3.99 Pinot Noir from Blue Fin Winery that we picked up at Trader Joe’s.  This bottle was one of the first recommendations we received from a friend and viewer and we’re excited to have been able to try it!

Even though it looks a lot like a bottle of cheap wine on the surface (short, stout, and sans nubbin), we found that it was very smooth and easy to drink.  Not that we … Continue reading

Sparkling Yellow Watermelon and Strawberry Sangria

I spent Labor Day weekend in the beautiful, but sweltering desert town of Palm Springs.  It was seriously so hot that even this lizard named Ted hung out on the driveway in the shade of our cars for a while before continuing on with whatever lizard stuff he was doing.

Triple degree heat called for cold and refreshing adult beverages, so I turned to this recipe because it looked pretty and sounded delicious.  I ended up making a few modifications … Continue reading

Slightly Less Cheap Wine

Big story today hot off the cheap wine newswire.  Australian company Casella Wines, maker of supermarket favorite Yellow Tail, has announced plans to release a $10 wine by the end of next year.  Even though Yellow Tail is the biggest imported wine in the US of A, (65% of Australia’s total wine exports), last year saw a bit of a decline.  Casella is hoping their new wine will help to bring profit margins back up.  This new price point is … Continue reading

New Wine Costs Roughly 8 Years Worth of Unemployment Benefits

And that’s before taxes.  And also if you can figure out how to stay on unemployment for 8 years.  This “2004 Block 42” Cabernet Sauvignon from the Australian Penfolds vineyard goes for a reasonable $168,000 per bottle.  Except that bottle isn’t really the right word.  Check out Wired.com to see a picture of this thing that looks like a hypodermic needle and a fancy Brookstone pen had a baby.  Penfolds intended this to be more of an art piece than … Continue reading

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