Episode: The Seeker Riesling

We’ve got another new one from The Seeker – this time, a German Riesling.  Rieslings are known for their balance of fruity and mineral-y flavors, but we found this one to be a little more of the fruit than the mineral.  For sweet wine drinkers who are fans of wines like Moscatos, we think this is a really delicious option.  For everyone else, drink it with spicy food – Thai, Mexican, Indian, or just your everyday spoonful of hot … Continue reading

Episode: Oreana Vineyards Smiley Face Syrah

This week, we open up a bottle you’ll recognize in stores by its huge yellow smiley face. It reminded us of Claire’s jewelry stores in the mall, and in order to keep the video short, we did have to cut out a full ten minutes of us talking about getting our ears pierced. I know…your loss. Clearly.

In any case, crack open a bottle of whatever you have on hand, and enjoy!



The details:

Oreana Winery’s “Project Happiness … Continue reading

Episode: Goats in Villages Chenin Blanc Viognier

We’re back with a refreshing wine, just in time for summer.  It was the goats on the label that originally attracted me to this bottle, and it turned out Alex had actually been to this vineyard and seen the goats in person!  We ended up really liking this one, but watch to hear about the interesting flavor we found in it.  Cheers!

Continue reading

Episode: Plungerhead Zinfandels

Another exciting event for the Cheap Wine Girls – more free wine!  The awesome people from The Other Guys, a Sonoma-based wine producer, sent us two Zinfandels from their Plungerhead label.  We thought this was a great opportunity to compare two wines of the same varietal from the same company.

We also discovered Zork, the type of “cork” they use on all of their wines, and we’re kind of in love.  We’ve never had so much fun opening … Continue reading

Episode – Panilonco Carménère With A Glassware Experiment

This time on Cheap Wine Girls, we’re drinking the Panilonco Carménère, $3.99 from Trader Joe’s.  This was one of those wines we picked out pretty much only based on the price and the label; the bottle features an awesome gold lion with the phrase “Chief of Lions” written below it.  Therefore, it was a great wine for a little experiment.

Watch as we see how different glassware affects the taste of this wine.  Also, glassware is a broad term in … Continue reading

Episode: The Seeker Malbec

This week, the second of our Seeker Wines episodes. We already tasted the Pinot Noir, now find out what we thought of the Malbec!

This Malbec is from the Andes Mountains in Argentina, and has been aged in French Oak for a year. You can feel good about yourself because the grapes are sustainably farmed, and the special lightweight glass is eco-friendly. And of course, you should always feel good about yourself because you’re drinking wine, and that’s kind of … Continue reading

New Episode! The Seeker Pinot Noir

Hey y’all! Trying out an adorable southern accent. Not working? Okay, fine. Hi guys.

Goal number one of our show has been accomplished! Free Wine. That’s right – we got sent wine to review, because we’re wine bloggers, and that’s how we do.

This week, we taste a pretty pink Pinot Noir from The Seeker Wines. This Pinot is from France, but they have a whole line of yummy (affordable) wines sourced from vineyards around the world. We are going … Continue reading

Holiday Special Episode: ChocoVine!

We hosted Thanksgiving this year, and as tradition dictated, there was enough turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green beans to absorb the many, many bottles of (cheap) wine that were consumed. Seriously, our recycling bin told a grim story the next morning.

By the time it was over, there was only one bottle standing — so we did what we had to.

If you’re in the mood for torture this holiday season, or want to passive-aggressively thrust this on your … Continue reading

Episode: La Finca Malbec

This week, watch for our thoughts on a pretty fabulous $3.99 Malbec from Argentina that came highly recommended from our friend Karina. At this price point, expectations were low, and this bottle was a very pleasant surprise. We also had a little fun exploring the connection between where you’re looking and what you’re tasting when you sip a new wine.

If you’re looking for a full-bodied red to enjoy with this colder weather, but don’t want to spend too much … Continue reading

Episode: Wooden Valley Red Table Wine

We did something a little different this week.  A friend and former co-worker of mine had told me about a bottle of wine she had sitting at home.  It was given to her as a gift 3 years ago, but the less-than-high-quality looking label caused her to not be very inspired to drink it.  So we did!

Needless to say, table wine probably shouldn’t be “aged” three additional years, so the results weren’t all that surprising.  I think if we … Continue reading

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