Episode: Blue Fin Pinot Noir

In this episode, we taste a $3.99 Pinot Noir from Blue Fin Winery that we picked up at Trader Joe’s.  This bottle was one of the first recommendations we received from a friend and viewer and we’re excited to have been able to try it!

Even though it looks a lot like a bottle of cheap wine on the surface (short, stout, and sans nubbin), we found that it was very smooth and easy to drink.  Not that we … Continue reading

Episode: Quail Oak Cabernet

This week on Cheap Wine Girls, we taste a $2.21 California Cabernet that is surprisingly drinkable and makes us long for the sunny days of Summer which already seem far behind us. Summer? Cabernet? Does that sound like on odd mix to you? Well, watch the show and see what you think…

The wine we’re drinking in the episode is a Quail Oak Cabernet. It is from California, and that is literally all the information it gave us on the … Continue reading

Episode 4: A Gruner Veltliner for every occasion

It’s still about a billion degrees here in LA, and at least one of us cheap wine girls (um, that would be me…) doesn’t have air conditioning…which is why this week, we bring you another cool & crisp white wine. This time, we pre-selected one we already love, and we hope you love it, too!

Happy Drinking!… Continue reading

Episode 3: How bad can it be?

Things keep getting worse for us here at Cheap Wine Girls, which is not so surprising considering the price tags of the wine we’re considering, but we hold out hope that one of these days, we’ll uncover that diamond in the rough. That needle in the haystack. That cheap wine that is actually a really great deal.

This, unfortunately, was not it. This is a wine to celebrate abject failure. When you feel like punishing yourself after a job not … Continue reading

Bonus Material from Episode 2!

Our super talented director/editor Greg put together this bonus clip from Episode 2 (the La Ferme Julien Rosé). As usual, we have no idea what we’re talking about, until it comes to illegal activities.


If you like this, there’s plenty more coming. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and “Like” us on Facebook for updates. We get positively giddy each time someone new subscribes! Cheers!… Continue reading

Watch us review the 2010 Green Fin Red Table Wine

In Part 1 of our first episode, we reviewed the $2.99 Trader Joe’s Vinas Chilenas Sauvignon Blanc and gave it 4 stars. Catch us in Part 2 as we review the $3.99 2010 Green Fin Red Table wine, also available at Trader Joe’s!

After we finished the episode, we did a little research on the wine, and found out that it’s made by the same company (Bronco Wines) that makes Two-Buck-Chuck! Except this wine is organic. Does … Continue reading

We’re on YouTube!

We’ve been talking about it for a while now, and the day is finally here!

In our first episode of Cheap Wine Girls, we review a $2.99 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc — take a look and see what we thought!

We have many more episodes to come, and so many more bottles to drink, so we hope you stick with us and keep in touch! Please feel free to email/comment/tweet us your thoughts, suggestions (or snarky insults.) We would love … Continue reading

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